Focus and the Beast.

There is a lot to be said for focus. The ability to focus on a singular goal can help one achieve some amazing things.

I’ve been growing a theory that indecision is the leading factor that keeps me from achieving my dreams. That and laziness. Actually not laziness, but fear. And maybe a bit of lazy. Although it’s not lazy.. it’s lack of belief that I can achieve what I set out to.. But they’re all tied together I think.

Indecision leads to inaction. Which leads to, well, nothing. It leads to maintaining the status quo. The easy way out is also the quickest way to land yourself in a dead-end.

One of my favourite authors and life hackers, Tim Ferriss has stated that he believes it is possible to become world-class at something within 6 months – so twice a year. Simply through focus and finding the quick gains.

And it’s these 3 things that tend to leave me in mediocrity.
Indecision. Inaction. Fear.

I always feel like I suck at getting things done. I struggle with focus. My focus seems shit at the best of times, but I’m beginning to learn how to hack periods of concentration back into my life.

The thing is I don’t lack at all in having ideas or goals. Vision maybe a little- but again that’s more because of a lack of believing I can achieve what I set out to. Lack of self-confidence really.

As a result of knowing there’s an issue, I’ve spent a ton of time thinking about how to fix it. I’ve also tried to look at what’s worked for me in the past. And I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to focus when I have a clear picture in my head of where I’m going, what I need to do to get there and the task I need to do right now.

Unfortunately more often than not – it’s deciding those 3 things that proves incredibly difficult, but when I spend the time figuring it out, it really helps pull whatever I’m working on from an idea and closer to reality and having that purpose and a defined idea of what to do now and what comes next really creates a space for focus. That and tackling one thing at a time, which is a whole other kettle of fish…

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