A skilled mix of front-end developer, web- and user-experience- designer and business analyst, I am adept at understanding the business, technical and design spheres of a project with a passion for solving them in a way that focuses on sound ux and ui principles. I am a keen learner and thrive on constantly pushing myself to expand and better my skill-set.

I have extensive webdesign experience having been involved with webdesign from the late 90’s and creating CSS sites from 2005. Over the past few years I have honed my skills in UI & UX, Jquery-based javascript, PHP, the .Net Framework and MySQL.

In a nutshell I thrive on finding solutions to a project’s requirements with an emphasis on clean, well thought-out interfaces and use of technology.

I adhere to web design standards in my front-end dev process wherever logical and always code and design with accessibility and graceful degradation in mind.

Specialties: I specialise in website and webapp design and development with a focus on User Interface and Experience design methodologies using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery being the technologies that I love to build with. I am skilled in WordPress theming and website creation.