“TheClassifieds was fortunate to have Cameron come along when he did. He was initially hired to be more of a developer with a little design on the side. As luck would have it, we were in the middle of revamping our site from its early 2000’s look to a more modern and user friendly design. Cameron took our initial design and adjusted many of its features to bring in a more natural ebb and flow, which to this day still receives comments on how easy it is to use compared to other online classified sites. While continuing to work on TheClassifieds website, Cameron also designed the complete layout for our online e-commerce venture, Snaply.com, designing the UX for all three aspects of the site; buyer, seller administration, and sales.

His opinion and input regarding the online industry was also invaluable, and I frequently used him as a sounding board for new ideas and concepts. He is a pleasure to work with, and I would definitely hire him should the opportunity ever arise again.”

Jonathan Page
TheClassifieds Online :: Managing Director


Cameron has, and still does, alleviate us of having to worry about many things. Of these the salient must be the fear that body art, alternative hairstyles, ornate piercings and dressing like a rock star to work somehow inhibits creativity, competence and an incredible work ethic. If anything, it seems to be helping, somehow.

His ability to untangle our webmares (a word I just made up for when that 404 thing happens), has been superb. His expertise and passion are so exquisite they actually make up for his appearance.

An achievement in and of itself.

(possibly kind) Regards

Christopher Steenkamp

Comedian/Head Writer/Online Curator

Comedy On Air



082 414 5982


Our company Mitra is a specialist consulting firm that service multinationals and governments with strategy solutions. Our clients have included Banks to the South African President’s Office.

Over the years we have made use of Cameron Oliviers services to design User Interfaces and other design elements for the technology solutions we have deployed for our clients. We have found working with Cameron to be a pleasure and he has impressed our clients and us.

Cameron has an excellent understanding our requirements, he learns new contexts very quickly and has been able to execute these requirements on time and on budget for each of the projects we have assigned to him. In addition Cameron works very well with our teams.

We have no hesitation in recommending Cameron to your organization.

Kind Regards,

Garsen Subramoney