August, a month of content. Day 1.

tl;dr I plan to create some form of content every single day in August.

In June this year I started on something I’ve found to be very useful in my goal of continuous improvement and increasing my discipline.

I started setting monthly goals with the mind of intense focus on 1 small thing that I can do consistently through the month.

I’m busy writing a post explaining the whole process in more detail (which I’ll probably release tomorrow) as it’s turning into something quite valuable for me. So as a part of this new regime, I’ve decided that for the month of August, I will create some form of content every single day. (if you want to run away screaming, now is the time).

My goal is two-fold. Firstly I want to get into the habit of generating content consistently, and secondly, it’ll allow me to experiment with the different platforms out there.

The basic rules are as follows: “Normal” social media posts don’t count – so posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (although a 15s instagram vlog would probably qualify).

I’ll probably use my blog here at as a catch-all, and cross-post as much of everything I’m doing here, as an anthology of sorts.

Then I plan to post text & images on my blog, my new project’s blog (coming soon) and Medium. Also considering Facebook notes and as well as maybe a guest post or two.

As far as images go, I want to start pushing content to Pinterest and I’m quasi-considering getting my tumblr up and running again, but I doubt it on tumblr.

From a video point of view, I’m looking to test out Snapchat (@billyrocha), YouTube, YouNow, Storie and maybe some Vines (@cameronolivier) and Instagrams as well.

Audio I’m hoping to start a podcast or two and do a few interviews (so iTunes and maybe Stitcher I think it is?).

And just to go properly OTT I’m considering using Meerkat or Periscope as a live-stream of the podcasts or maybe some of the video vlogs if they seem interesting enough.

As my time is already limited, I don’t see myself pushing out too many long-form things, and I’m hoping the video apps make content creation and dispersal relatively fast, but we’ll have to see.

Another concern I have is topics, as I haven’t really come in with any list of ideas – so I’ll need to start thinking on that as soon as possible, but I have a few rough ideas, being some code/front-end related topics, definitely some wordpress-based things. Then a few aimed at diet & training, a few at what’s going on in my life and a few on productivity and business stuff I’m learning. I’ve been focussing on a bunch of areas in my life and I think it’ll do me a lot of good to start journaling out what I’m learning and thinking on – so that should keep me busy for at least the first week.

I look forward to having you guys along for the ride.

PS. If you know of any more content, vlogging or podcasting apps I should try out or a BEME invite, leave me a message in the comments!

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