Coffitivity – the sounds of a coffeeshop in your browser.

tl;dr: is a rad little online app that lets you stream the sounds of a coffee shop at work.

I’ve been reading up a lot on ways to get myself more productive lately. One thing I’ve stumbled on is a short e-book I bought on Amazon a little while ago on habit stacking.

The book is a fantastic little reference for tons (well 97) mini-habits that can stack, allowing you to leverage mini-habits into a routine, and thus get a bunch of things done that you might not. More on that later though.

One of the productivity ‘habits’ it suggests is using a noise generator to allow better focus. Research has been done which shows that moderate ambient noise actually helps enhance creative cognition, and the free web-app, Coffitivity achieves that with the very pleasant hubbub of a coffee shop. Unfortunately great-coffee-at-a-wave is not included.