Purpose breeds potential

tl;dr purpose, by its nature, imbues its bearer with potential. (can I get a hoo-rah?)

I was sitting in the steam room one morning at my local VA, after my usual 3km run and single-exercise heavy weight session, when it came to me, like a gorilla.. I’m going to stop before I get any cheesier.


having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success  or usefulness.


I can’t actually remember what I was doing when this dawned (probably driving, I have many of my epiphanies behind the wheel), but I know I was thinking about the value I’ve found from setting goals. And how just the act of setting a goal almost immediately predestines you to some level of success. 

On a base level this is immediately obvious. You cannot really experience success if you don’t have something to measure it against.

So by simply giving a oneself a purpose, you open up the world of potential. Without that purpose, you’d probably just carry on your day-to-day without any need to change.

Now, I’m not even talking HUGE goals. Obviously the bigger the goal the greater the chance for success and achievement, but even something small and simple – like the one driving this post – “I’d like to produce some kind of content every day for the month of August” has already seen me reaping rewards and getting excited for what lies ahead –  and I’m only 4 days in.

So hammering on that goals thing again – but by simply setting a goal (purpose), you create this space to fill with change and progression.

That’s zero to 100 with one simple step. As far as life-hacks go, I think this one is pretty awesome. The fantastic thing about it is even if you fail at the goal – your starting point was zero, so any improvement is a success. For example, if you’re a couch potato and you set a goal to lose 10kg in 3 months, but because change is hard and you like your noms, you only lose 5kg – or 1kg or even if you don’t lose anything at all, the really important thing is you’ve moved towards change. You’ve set your eyes beyond your immediate shadow, and set yourself on the road to success – you’ve increased your potential and that’s an empowered place to be.

Give it a go – what area would you like to see yourself growing in? Why not, set a goal, and give it a try.

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